In the first year the couple arrived in South Africa, "Let go" was released, followed by "Envious Peace".

Tracks that allow the mind to journey, forming part of a special EP which will be the soundtrack of a novel Lauren is working on.Releasing their first EP, “Rain Roses” in 2014 under Filter Label, a project aimed at TV and Film.


To 2015, where the pair ventured off to the UK to record what would become their second EP called, “Familiar Ground”. Collaborating with producers and musicians, helping them bring the acoustic sounds to life.


Saul City, initially resided in producer/

guitarist Michele’s home, Italy for over 9 years, where they performed in every and any kind of venue and event. 

The duo ,who are now residing in Cape Town, home, to singer\songwriter Lauren-Joy, where they've been performing at weddings, corporate gigs, made an appearance on national tv as well proceeding to work on some fresh sounds.

New music. Same journey, as this husband and wife duo continue to create music they believe are not only for the ears, but for the hearts of listeners. This City is ever-growing as they share their new projects from a clothing line to to their songwriting and production services. 

In 2018 one of the songs from the Familiar Ground EP, “Attempted Love song” was remixed by CHLP Label from Chicago, and is making a name for itself.2019, started off well for the pair as they signed a publishing deal with Sheer Publishing.

With pure hunger for growth, the couple also started writing and producing for artists from the UK, Italy to Australia.

This dynamic duo strives to continue collaborating with artists both locally and internationally, not only to leave a mark but to learn. A performance on  “Expresso Morning” on SABC 3, a few seconds in a Huawei advert, writing for artists worldwide, it may all seem small. There's no such things as small for Saul City, as they take on everything as a blessing, as a chance to watch small things become great. 

With 11 years of creating music together, showing no signs of stopping. Using their cultural diversity as well as their musical backgrounds to their advantage, their Urban/Indie productions accompanied with lyrical messages that relate deeply to the listener.

Big or small, Saul City wants to be a part of it.


“ Saul City are a pleasure to work with. Not only, they are extremely talented musicians, they also have a very professional approach to their art. I am sure that these qualities combined with their dedication will lead them to big things in the near future.”

Emil Panzov, Filter Label

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