Introducing  some of the session vocalists and producers we are working with and some of the productions\songwriting projects we've worked on as a team.


 Julianno Beukes, also known as "The Julianno", is one of the most authentic and powerful voices we've met in Cape Town. His vocals strong yet gentle on the ears, soulful and raw, this combination allows him to be versatile and to use his vocals for various projects. Some of his best feautures as a session vocalist includes several works with "Fearless Motivation", a very well known Company who has millions of followers and subscribers on social media.


Amazing singer and friend Feo Charles, a South African artist, based in the beautiful city of Cape Town.  After her first release "Gone ", a track written and produced by Saul City, she recently released an amazing remix of the the single with Chicago Based Label "Kingdom".

With not only an incredible voice but a very special story to tell. Feo has so much to share.

 Check her out on Facebook/Instagram on @feocharles01


Stanley Sibande Is a South Africa Based, Zambian born Singer Songwriter. His style is an amalgamation of the melancholic soundscapes of indie and rock coupled with the simplistic yet catchy melodic compositions of modern alternative pop. 

In 2019 the artist relocated from his home country of Zambia to South Africa with nothing but a guitar on his back in search of better opportunity and greener pastures. Since then he has been in Cape Town slowly rising through the ranks of the local music scene and making a name for himself one gig at a time.


Julian Wenn is the singer\songwriter from the duo "Didi and Jules". His wide and vast experiences in the entertainments industry: with a degree in drama and teaching drama at the Helen Ogrady Drama Academy, Radio presenter, semifinalist on "SA's Got Talent 2014", Top 100 at the 2016 edition of "The Voice SA" and  Busker at the V&A Waterfront which allowed him to grow and use his talent on diverse levels .


Dean Mlondolozi aka "Deentr" is a Zimbabwean DJ, producer, singer/songwriter, events creator and promoter and an entrepreneur. This busy artist, kicked off his music career in 2010, he has since released an EP and became prominent after being nominated for "Best Underground House Artist" at the NAMA and Zim Hip-Hop Awards in 2015.


"Disco Venture

(Disco\pop) produced by Los Angeles Based Artist Mr.Mourstache , written and performed by Saul City's, Lauren.

"Wildest Dreams" (INDIE-POP) a track produced by Australian Artist Mwansa and written and performed by Saul City's, Lauren.

"Love Hate" (POP) Co-writing and composing by Saul City  

Faith Arise -  Vocals, Guitar and arrangement by Saul City. (Acoustic Gospel)

"Jaya Ganesha" Production and arrangement By Saul City. (World)

(House) Remix - Session vocals and guitars by Saul City.

 "Free Ride" co-writing and composing by Saul City (Pop)

"We got better stuff to do"Arrangement, guitar and session vocals by Saul City (Folk)

Composition and production By Saul City. (Soundtrack)

"Blank Page" - Written and produced by Saul City. (Soundtrack\Electronic)

"Metrobike " Soundtrack for a metrobike client - Production and arrangement by Saul City. - (Soundtrack)

Session vocals, co-writing, composition and guitar by Saul City (Acoustic Soul)

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