Meet Feo...

Amazing singer and friend Feo Charles, a South African artist, based in the beautiful city of Cape Town.  Feo has recently released a track written and produced by Saul City.

With not only an incredible voice but a very special story to tell.

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"Wildest Dreams" (INDIE-POP) a track produced by Australian Artist Mwansa and written and performed by Saul City's, Lauren.

Faith Arise -  Vocals, Guitar and arrangement by Saul City. (Acoustic Gospel)

Arrangement, guitar and session vocals by Saul City (Folk)

Composed and produced By Saul City. (Soundtrack)

"Love Hate" (POP) 

 Vocals, Guitar, arrangement and co-writing on Jodie-Joy's "Free Ride" (Pop)

Production and arrangement my Saul City. (World)

Session vocals, co-writing, composers and guitar by Saul City (Acoustic Soul)

Blank Page - Written and produced by Saul City. (

Soundtrack for metrobike client - Production and arrangement by Saul City. - (Soundtrack)

(House) Remix - Session vocals and guitars by Saul City.

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