Music is a place, music is a story, it is a feeling and a safe haven for everything you're afraid to say. 

                                                                                                                                       Saul City.                                                                                                              

"Word is you're thinking about her, while I dedicate a song to you.

Lay with me, kiss my lips.

Is she still there?


When the thoughts are chasing

and the sin is calling.

Can you taste the hurting on your lips?"

Envious Peace


"Everything I'm experiencing, is dancing around in circles in my eyes." 

Shivers - OUT NOW!

"You are not as invisible as you feel the, world couldn't be the same without you not in it." 


Take it all

"Now under the violet skies

hand in hand

your skin meets mine

the universe explodes

reality is catching up

let me be tethered by 

your reckless love."


Wildest Dreams

"I'm chasing shadows in my head

or are these shadows chasing me?"


The Chase

"Something so beautiful, yet so shallow.

In your bottomless depths I find myself sinking."


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